ACWADAM has evolved with the vision of achieving a fruitful integration between the scientific principles of Hydrogeology & Hydrology and their actual field applications for systematic water resources development and management [especially in the groundwater resources sector].

Registered as a non-profit organization, ACWADAM has embarked upon endeavouring to become a premier Education & Research Center that will cater to action oriented research aimed at finding solutions to water problems of today and tomorrow.

ACWADAMÂ’s goal is to help achieve sustainable management of water resources in all domains : rural & urban; industrial, agricultural & domestic. It hopes to achieve this goal through scientific application of Geology, Hydrology & Hydrogeology at all scales of the water resources framework.

ACWADAM is progressively developing expertise in allied areas of water management like systematic irrigation scheduling, risk-analysis scenarios, effect of urbanization and landuse change on water regimes etc.