Advocacy for Older People in Greenwich is a citizen advocacy scheme which is completely confidential, free and independent of statutory services (the council and health authority). We offer an advocacy service to people over 55, living in the London Borough of Greenwich. If an older person has difficulty speaking up for his or her rights and entitlements and there is no other independent person who can do it for them – we can help by providing a trained volunteer advocate. An advocate is faithful and loyal to what the older person wants and speaks up on his or her behalf.

Advocacy for Older People in Greenwich aims to reach out to people over the age of 55 living in the borough of Greenwich. In the past year older people have been supported in accessing benefits and grants, moving house, challenging service providers and domiciliary care providers. We have also worked with people to protect their rights to remain living in their own homes, live without fear of abuse from family or friends” and participate in their local community. There has also been a demand from older people to provide emotional support and friendship especially when people have no one else in their lives.”