Advocacy for the young in crisis ADYIC is a non-political and non-governmental organisation of Sierra Leonean youth volunteers.

Established in 2004, the organisation is based in Freetown and squarely preoccupied with the educating and sensitising of young people on critical issues to which they are vulnerable; and as the crisis world-wide (particularly in third World Countries) gradually move on the increase, young people have now been considered as perhaps the most vulnerable.

Such crises as violence, human trafficking, rape, HIV/Aids, prostitution, drug addiction, human right violation, etc have become the order of the day.

In fact, they have unavoidable become tropical issues, conspicuously taking prominence in many seminars, conference and symposia at both local and international levels. Today many people are being admitted to hospital due to HIV/AIDS. Many women are raped and more people trafficked by their fellow men.

There are more in mental homes; and we talk about remand homes and juvenile delinquencies. Inarguable, thought it could be observed that over Sixty percent of victims of the above circumstances are young people; and their being victims can be ascribed to immaturity and poverty with depression and despondency.

However, with the rapid increase in crises nowadays, there is every need for active participation in the elimination process, thereby complimenting every effort being made by local and international organisation in that vein.

ADYIC is therefore borne with this view in mind and it is hoped that pro-active engagement with every commitment and dedication in similar direction will ineluctable and unquestionable yield a positive dividend for the glory of the target group that lies ahead

What does the organization do?

Is to advocate for sustenance, standard of leaving, education and better health for the young through the fellow objectives.

To establish medium of communication for the advocacy and be actively engaged in drama and dodo documentaries

To maintain good relationship with similar organisations in and outside the country.

To meet regularly in an effort to consolidate our bond in the spirit of patriotism.

To establish branch-organisations in the provinces in country that can work in harmony with us, thereby giving meaningful contributions to the young in crisis,

To undertake projects and organize works and seminars in collaboration with governmental and non-government organization with common interest and commitment to the development of the young in various schools and colleges and other educational institutions,

To raise the awareness among young people about their human Rights.

And to initiate and enhance educational advancement for the benefit of the young through advocating for materials and publication of academic and other educational materials