Nestled between Keuka and Canandaigua Lakes, Prattsburgh, NY is an idyllic township of hills, woods and farms. Located in Steuben County, the beauty of the region has attracted many individuals from surrounding cities who have purchased and built homes and retreats in the valleys and hilltops throughout Prattsburgh. Approximately thirty-five percent (35%) of the landowners are seasonal inhabitants and as such, have had little voice in the local politics, even though they contribute significantly to the tax base. Advocates for Prattsburgh is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization run and financially supported by resident and non-resident landowners from Prattsburgh and concerned citizens in the surrounding towns.

Two wind farm companies – Ecogen and Global Winds – plan to construct over one hundred, 400′ high wind towers in Prattsburgh, interspersed between the homes and properties of non-participating landowners. The noise, negative health effects, ice throws and overwhelming visual dominance of these huge industrial machines pose a severe threat to our town, the value of our property, our personal safety, and our freedom to live our lives in peace and quiet.

Advocates for Prattsburgh is not against wind power, but against the inappropriate siting of these industrial wind towers.