ASCA (Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse) is a national not for profit organisation of survivors supporting other survivors. – ASCA’s door is open to anyone (over 18) who feels they have suffered abuse – physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual.

Through an Australia-wide support network – online, phone and face-to-face, monthly newsletter, 1300 information line (1300 657 380), and counselor-facilitated programs, workshops, awareness events and this website, ASCA helps to break down the sense of isolation and alienation many survivors feel, validates survivors’ experiences and encourages trust. We have a number of psychologists/counselors who help us in our work.

Society is beginning to acknowledge the problem of child abuse but largely ignores its legacy. ASCA’s vision is a world without child abuse – that is our dream. In the meantime we are working to minimise its impact – repercussions, which can last a lifetime if left unaddressed.

We must work together to break down the stigma around child abuse because in our community there are hundreds of thousands of victims, many of who are afraid to admit what’s happened. ASCA- Breaking the Silence on child abuse. Alone no longer.