Long before personal computers became a household presence in the United States, SATELLIFE recognized the power of information to transform health care in the world’s poorest countries, where poverty and disease claim their highest toll.

Over the past nineteen years, SATELLIFE has been a leader in developing solutions to the everyday information needs of health professionals working in communities where AIDS and malaria are common place, but medical journals and the Internet are an unaffordable luxury. Through innovative applications of information and communication technology, we break down barriers to information access. From major cities to remote villages, we extend the power of knowledge and the promise of better health.

In July, 2006 SATELLIFE joined the Academy for Educational Development, a non-profit international development organization, to create the AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology. The AED-SATELLIFE Center will carry on the mission and work that began almost 20 years ago.

AED-SATELLIFE’s unique strength lies in its ability to address this challenge through multiple approaches:

*By disseminating up-to-date, relevant information that enables good decision making.
*By deploying multiple technologies and building health care workers’ skills to utilize these technologies effectively.
*By creating local, regional, and global communities that share information and support each other.

These efforts span the globe, with over 100,000 individuals in 120 countries sharing knowledge and building healthier communities.