The AEGEAN WILDLIFE HOSPITAL, was established in 1995 with the following targets and policy:

– treat and rehabilitate all wild animals which have been injured(often deliberately), become exhausted during migration or have become ill and fortunately find their way into our care.

– to encourage the protection of the fauna through environmental education, which increases awareness and involvement of the entire community

– protect important wildlife habitats

– never use euthanasia except in extreme cases

– insure that any fauna unable to be released into its natural habitat, is housed by the Hospital in conditions, which are secure, quiet and, above all, suited to its lifestyle for the term of its natural life

– insist that any operation or other necessary intervention is performed only by a veterinary surgeon working in cooperation with the hospital

– make sure that mammals and migratory birds are released back into the environment where they were found and that migratory birds are released either at nesting sites or during migration along migratory routes.