AFAQ MEDIA FORUM (AMF) is an independent, nonprofit journalistic forum aims at developing Iraqi journalistic discourse . It is founded in Basrah – Iraq in 2005, by six Iraqi journalists who realized, from their years on the beat and at the news desk, the need for free press to build the new Iraq .

The forum believes that the media play a crucial role in scrutinizing and strengthening democratic institutions. The media could – and should – be a catalyst for social debate and consensus that promotes the public welfare. To do so, AMF believes that the media must provide citizens with the basis for arriving at informed opinions and decisions.

The forum was set up to contribute to this end by promoting journalistic skills on current issues in Iraq society and on matters of great public interest. It does not intend to replace the work of individual newspapers, radio or television stations, but rather to encourage the development of Iraqi journalism and to create a culture for it within the Iraqi press. The forum is to individuals as well as groups.


1. To develop the Iraqi Journalistic discourse

2. To build a strong independent press that keep the government honest.

3. To increase journalists’ participation in and influence on public policy by playing effective role in disseminating the freedom and democracy principles.

4. To develop and sustain a national network of informed and empowered journalists , willing to and capable of brining about change in their lives and those of others in their communities , through sustained dialogue and ready action.