AFESIP exists to combat trafficking in women and children for sex slavery; to care for and rehabilitate those rescued from sex slavery; to provide occupational skills and to reintegrate those rescued into the community in a sustainable and innovative manner. AFESIP also seeks to combat the causes and effects of trafficking and sex slavery through outreach work in AIDS prevention; through advocacy and campaigning; through representation and participation in women’s issues at national, regional and international forums.

AFESIP Drop-In Centre:

This is part of a fourteen days shelter program provided to victims on short term care. At this centre, new residents will be able to receive intensive care, from AFESIP staff, including a French expatriate psychologist, who is on call for all three centres in Phnom Penh. This centre is the stepping stone for residents who are interested in transitioning to our long term rehabilitation and vocational training program.

AFESIP Tom Dy Centre:

This vocational training centre provides long term care, rehabilitation and vocational training. It is one of our newly built centres, located in rural area at 6 km far from Phnom Penh, in a small peaceful village, surrounded by green fields.

AFESIP Pre-repatriation Centre:

This centre is a rehabilitation and vocational training centre for non Khmer speakers, who are preparing for repatriation and reintegration to their country of origin.

AFESIP Siem Reap Centre:

This centre has the same standard structure as the Phnom Penh centres, and exists to assist victims who’s places of origin are in the surrounding areas (Northern Cambodia). In 2004, AFESIP Siem Reap centre is operational and anticipates caring for more than 200 victims.

AFESIP Kampong Cham entre:

This rehabilitation centre is specifically for under-age victims. Holistic care, basic education, life skills, medical/health services, counselling is provided as well as the vocational skills training in the areas of agriculture, weaving and sewing.

Open Clinic:

The AFESIP Women Health Services Centre is located in Phnom Penh and is integrated at the Drop-In centre, where victims can seek medical consultation, psychological and counselling care as well as alternative support services.

Provincial Offices:

AFESIP outreach unit, teams of social workers visit prostituted persons within the sex sectors to inform and promote awareness on reproductive health and safe sex, through distribution and promotion of the use of condoms.

Our HIV/AIDS Outreach Prevention Network is implemented in the following provinces and municipality:

– Otdar Mean Chey

– Koh Kong

– Sihanoukville

– Banteay Mean Chey

– Battambang

– Kampong Cham

– Kampong Thom

– Kratie

– Pailin.