AFESIP provides assistance and socio-economic help to women and children in difficult circumstances. AFESIP focuses in particular on sexual exploitation of children and asolescents.

AFESIP Thailand works to identify victims of traffic in the sex sectors and at the IDC (Immigration Detention Centre) in Bangkok, Thailand, a center which detains illegal immigrants.

The role of AFESIP Thailand with the IDC is to collaborate on providing support services and identify victims. In order to identify victims, AFESIP Thailand has a team of social workers which consists of one Cambodian social worker and one Vietnamese social worker.

The main objectives of AFESIP Thailand are as follows:

– Investigate and identify victims at various sex sectors in Thailand

– Identify victims at the IDC

– Set up a plan of action with all regional ministries responsible for repatriation

– Set up effective collaboration with the Foreign Affairs Departments of all targeted countries at central levels

– Collaborate with NGOs & IOs in the field of trafficking and rescue

– Collaborate with embassies for the repatriation process

– Identify victims enslaved in the sex sectors, in border areas (Lao, Cambodia and Malaysia) and repatriate them to their respective countries of origin