The Africa-Diaspora Movement is a non profit organization formed at the dawn of the twenty first century, by students and teachers from the Faculty of Arts and humanities of Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal.


ADM is a group of men and women who cherish the ideal of African Political cultural and economic unity, cultural and Historic unity of all people of African descent.

We believe in the necessity for Africans from all over the world to join up in a collective effort to celebrate their cultural and historic legacy and stand up to reconstruct the continent and its communities in the Diaspora.


We believe in the necessity for Africa to get rid of its colonially inherited entities, to set up a supra continental executive, be it a federal State or Federal organization.

We believe in the necessity for a better solidarity partnership and brotherhood between Africans on the continent and african communities worldwide.

We believe and strongly support the idea of a new African citizenship based on what Pr Cheikh Anta Diop called: African Historical Conscience.