MISSION The Africa Internally Displaced Persons Voice (Africa IDP Voice) is responsible for raising awareness on the Protection, assistance and development plight of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Africa and through which concrete solidarity is expressed for those Internally Displaced by conflicts, violation of human rights, disasters, both natural and man made all over the Sub-region. The essential over riding mission is to foster links among state authorities and humanitarian actors and to make effective contributions to the improved response to IDPs and monitoring of the protection and humanitarian policy in the Africa.

Africa IDP Voice is an NGO that is active in raising awareness on the protection, assistance and development plight of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Africa. The Africa IDP Voice was created in 2001 with headquarters established in 2001 and registered in Zambia in 2003. The Africa IDP Voice was created based on a convergence of interest and taking into account the various problems in Africa both natural and man made. The Africa IDP voice was established as a regional (IDPs) program to initially out source data/information through focused studies with the objective of creating a database containing authoritative information on internal displacement in Africa. The completion of the study proceeded with the endorsement of a project proposal and the development of the Africa IDP Voice. The Africa IDP Voice was created to promote effective national and African response to the plight of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The Africa IDP Voice monitors internal Displacement in Africa and promotes the dissemination and application of the Guiding Principles on internal displacement, works with governments in the sub region, sub regional and regional bodies, international organizations and civil society to create effective policies and institutional arrangements for IDPs, convenes national and sub-regional seminar and conferences on Internal Displacement and publishes articles and reports The Africa IDP Voice acts as a mouth piece for the values and specific rights and features of IDPs and gives internally displaced communities, national authorities and other humanitarian actors, such as NGOs, opportunities for discussion and collaboration, as well as services which meet needs of their humanitarian actors. The Africa IDP Voice, also, is a linking entity for joint activities involving a number of NGOs or networks on internal displacement response action PROJECTS Over the last two years, the Africa IDP Voice has been involved in a variety of projects and ad hoc events and has also included developing policy positions towards government policies, and actions aimed at allowing concerns of the displaced communities and humanitarian and NGOs to be taken into account.