Conservation and Management of Resources for Environment and Development:

-Solar energy – design, produce, and disseminate various solar cooking devices as alternative sources of energy.

Sustainable Agriculture – enhance food production based on the utilization of indigenous and other appropriate technologies to support sustainable agricultural and environmental practices.

Rural Development – Mud technology- designing and introducing appropriate and adaptable technology (Production of mud stoves, mud beehives, mud blocks for house constructions). This is to curb deforestation and alleviate environmental problems.

African Village Academy School provides formal education as well as practical training in areas such as mud technology agriculture and solar technology.

Socio Economic Dimensions:

-Finance and Trade – Saving and Credit for Enterprise Development (SCED) is designed to provide credit to those who have no access to credit at the grass roots levels. The availability of credit allows the individual to engage in incoming generating activities. Market linkage between micro scale entrepreneurs and existing industries is being studied for implementation.

AVA is participating with other African’s Non Governmental Organizations on issues and processes such as the Lom’s convention, the World Trade Organization. etc.

Urbanism: SCED – Promotion of informal sector operators focusing on facilitating and organizing the informal sector operators to create an enabling environment for themselves.

Means of Implementation:

Management and credit, income-generating projects, training and technology transfer.