Welcome to the Africa Water Journalists Network, a community of more than 1,000 journalists concerned with water. The network offers:

A website and blog, places to share information, write more personally about water issues and your personal and professional water-related experiences , ask questions to colleagues in other countries, or just express your feelings about being a journalist in Africa.

The creation in the near future of an online news service, reporting on all water issues from privatization to environmental issues, from sanitation to hydropower. You will be invited to contribute to this service, regional editors will be hired, and you will be paid for your work. You will be working with experienced editors including James M. Dorsey of the Wall Street Journal, and Rupert Wright of the Sunday Times.

A Web-based resource centre, which will include a database of information on water subjects as well as a list of contacts.

The network, website, blog, newspaper and resource centre will be run by the Water Foundation and Quest Media together with funding from international partners such as the United Nations and private donors. It will also cooperate with academic institutions, including the Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University.