Our Initiative is to address the needs of children, families and communities that have been devastated by HIV/AIDS disease.


1. Care for orphans, vulnerable children, caregivers and people living with HIV/AIDS through

counseling, nutrition, health care, shelter, education and skills training.

2. Prevention of new HIV infections through education campaigns. ACCA intend to have

prevention programs in several countries in Africa.

3. Advocacy on the issues of HIV/AIDS to increase the awareness and reduce the stigma of the disease.

African Child Care Association (ACCA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in

Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to provide education, assistance and support to African

children infected with HIV and affected by AIDS. ACCA helps those kids to meet their

diverse and special needs and to bring joy and fun into their lives and the lives of their

loved ones.

Our educational activities range from counseling, public talks and exhibitions to the

development and distribution of educational materials and publications to the community.

ACCA is entirely self-funding through donations from private individuals, foundations,

and business both large and small.