Our vision:

– The Trust intends to become a well established multipurpose centre which will cater for training in early childhood development, HIV/Aids information, transmission, counselling and prevention courses, ABET learners, computer literacy, gardening and first aid courses.

– The centre envisages providing quality training for ECD practitioners, parents, committees and community members.

– To have a recognised quality management system in place.

Our Mission:

The Trust acknowledges the crippling scarcity of early childhood development facilities, especially among Africans, acknowledging rather that there are a number of day care centres that are never short of children waiting for admission but for which there are few trained practitioners, committees and administrators, set out to train these as part of community development; so these practitioners and participants are expected to teach others in their own communities. The centre intends to provide quality training programmes for NGOs and CBOs in the fight against HIV/Aids and vegetable gardening.

Our Programme areas:

– Early Childhood Development,

– HIV/Aids,

– Job Creation,

– Adult Basic Education.