Location: Corvallis, Oregon, United States
Issue Areas: Access To Education, EcoVillages, Literacy, Sustainable Communities

African Children’s Libraries was established in 2001 by Ann Easterly, a retired school librarian, with the help of American and Nigerian friends and colleagues. The first village and refugee camp visits began in October, 2001, in Ghana and Nigeria.


Increase children’s vision of the world and literacy in African villages and communities.


1. Supply children’s books/reading materials to village libraries

Initially used children’s books in English shipped from the USA

Eventually purchased reference books and best books from bibliography (Goal #4)

2. Involve and assist chiefs and elders in establishing children’s libraries in villages

3. Train paraprofessionals for village children’s libraries

4. Build a bibliography of best children’s books from African, American, European, etc. authors for village children

5. Network with NGO’s working to provide children’s books and libraries