ACOSHED’s mission is to advocate for, and support African Governments, their partners, and communities on the reforms required for the establishment of sustainable, viable and responsive health systems as a vehicle for the delivery of the benefits of targeted interventions to improve health and development in Africa, including global efforts for the control of malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other related infectious diseases.


The vision of ACOSHED is to promote sustainable health development in Africa through active participation and engagement of all stakeholders. Crucial elements of this vision include:* African Ownership* Country Focus* Autonomy in management* Partnership at all levels of the health system* Active dialogue with all facets of civil society



In line with its mission, ACOSHED has a five year plan of action which outlines the projected activities for each of the ACOSHED Strategic Thrust. The 5 year Strategic Plan, [r:7367719c392797d8301788bcacabdc99:ACOSHED Strategic Plan Presentation] is a working document which is subject to perodic reviews, however the plan has been approved by the General Assembly.
Other documents relating to the ACOSHED Plan which can be viewed from this website are

*[r:03c3d493a458c442521de6d5908eb2fc:ACOSHED Strategic Plan Presentation (Presentation only)]
*[r:81c184a668840226c78588258ceaba0b:ACOSHED Work Plan 2003-2004]


A General Assembly of the Country Chapters, Partners and other stakeholders is held every two years. At this assembly, ACOSHED focal persons / chapters / networks will present status report on health systems development / reform activities in their countries, programs of advocacy and governance implemented, new issues and directions for health reforms and progress with leadership development for health reform. Assemblies will also provide an opportunity for partners in Africa to review the role of civil society in sustaining investments in health and progress of health systems development as the key vehicle for the delivery of the benefits of technological advances in disease control efforts in Africa and of the various disease focused intervention programs including malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other related infectious diseases (ORID).




[r:7367719c392797d8301788bcacabdc99:ACOSHED Strategic Plan Presentation]
[r:03c3d493a458c442521de6d5908eb2fc:ACOSHED Strategic Plan Presentation (Presentation only)]
[r:81c184a668840226c78588258ceaba0b:ACOSHED Work Plan 2003-2004]


Board of Directors

Executive Secretary
Dr Lola Dare

The Executive Board / Board of Trustees
Dr Bimbola Ogunkelu Chair – Nigeria
Dr Lillan Dudley Vice Chair – South Africa
Dr Lola Dare Secretary – Nigeria
Dr Rachid Bouakaz Member – Algeria
Dr Annie Boumah Member – Gabon
Mr Joel Lugoloobi Member – Uganda
Dr Mammadou Traore Member – Mali
Dr Abubakar Ali-Gombe Permanent Representative – Nigeria

Dr. Ousmane Bangoura Guinea
Ms. Cheryle Buggs USA
Mr. Mohammed Drabo Burkina Faso
A. Edward Elmendorf USA
Prof. Demissie Habte Ethiopia
Prof Adetokunbo Lucas Nigeria
Prof. Anne Mills UK
Victor Neufeld Canada




Alliance for Health Systems and Policy Research, Geneva
Federal Government of Nigeria
FSG Communications, Britain (Publishers of Africa Health)
Global Health Council, USA
Africa Technical Region, World Bank, USA
Africa Regional Office, WHO

African Union (AU)
United Nations Association, National & Capitol Area, USA
America Public Health Association