The African Network for Environment and Economic Justice [ANEEJ] is a non-profit, non-political, non-government organization based in Nigeria aiming at promoting sustainable development through research, policy dialogues, workshops and advocacy. ANEEJ deals with development and social economic aspects with emphasis on World Bank and IMF financing in African Countries. ANEEJ provides information to media and NGOs on debt issues.

ANEEJ was founded in Benin City, in 1995 by some people from a wide range of professional backgrounds who, for many years had been participating in other initiatives taken by the civil society.

ANEEJ welcome members and volunteers as well as financial contributors.


The chosen mission of ANEEJ is to act as catalyst, mobilize, medicate and act directly in several society processes dealing with the improvement of quality of life and respect for cultural and biological diversity. As its basis, ANEEJ believes in a democratic system for managing human interest.


The fundamental objective of ANEEJ is to act, support and collaborate in the elaboration and dissemination of new approaches; policies and activities related to human development questions.