ANCAP shall be a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making scientific body devoted to the study, promotion and development of the science of all aspects of chemical analysis of pesticides, including residue analyses, degradation and environmental fate with the overall objective of not only safeguarding public health and the environment, but also ensuring the safety of African agricultural and aquatic products thus making them competitive on the world market, thereby significantly contributing to the region’s poverty eradication endeavours.

Aims and Objectives

– To initiate, develop and promote research in the area of chemical analyses of pesticides in the Africa region;

– To coordinate and maintain inter-and intra-regional links among different research groups;

– To disseminate information pertaining to research on chemical pesticides;

– To promote pesticide chemical analysis research capacity and training programmes;

– To foster and maintain research links with scientists in other parts of the world who are actively working in specific areas of chemical analysis of pesticides that are pertinent to Africa and the developing countries in general.

– To establish the prerequisite policy and implementation mechanisms for co-ordinating the efforts of individual scientists of the region in the area of pesticide chemical analysis research,

РTo initiate and help institutionalise quality assurance programmes for the region’s agricultural, industrial and aquatic products so as to make them competitive on the world market

– To give advise, based on sound scientific findings, to pertinent decision makers in the region on the use and/or disuse of certain pesticides.

– To establish cooperation and collaboration with national and international organizations with similar objectives for the promotion of safe-use of pesticide chemicals and their environmental analysis and research