The African Regional Youth Initiative [ARYI] is an organization comprised of hundreds of youth and community-based initiatives across Africa addressing social, economic and political injustice. The primary focus of the organization is on HIV/AIDS due to its widespread impact on the continent and around the world. ARYI addresses HIV/AIDS in a comprehensive manner by engaging in activities that mobilize and empower communities, increase women and youth participation, facilitate dialogue between organizations in different countries and other activities that build capacity such as training in policy and advocacy.

ARYI seeks to empower and provide tools to African youth and community organizations fighting HIV/AIDS at the local, regional and national level so as to work cohesively and share resources with other youth and professional groups. ARYI seeks to build on lessons learned in the field so as to develop and disseminate comprehensive and effective program models.

ARYI uses multifaceted approaches to promote the work of such projects and organizations- all approaches are based on cooperation, equality, social justice, inclusiveness and nurturing relationships.

In order to unite youth and community-based initiatives addressing social, political, and economic injustice in Africa, ARYI:

* Shares information on funding sources nationally and internationally.

* Provides a proactive forum for the creation of new and innovative solutions.

* Collects best practice models to increase the effectiveness of youth activists and youth organizations in Africa.

* Offers participation in ARYI programs, including gaining contacts to student interns/volunteers interested in working within your programs, access to health data in other communities, financial assistance for orphans, and mentorship with experts.

* Disseminates health information to youth activists and youth organizations.

* Holds national, regional and Africa-wide meetings and conferences to share ideas, challenges, and set strategic plans.

* Promote the rights of all living or affected by HIV/AIDS.

* Provides information on research methodologies and technologies vital for the operation of the youth organization.

* Provide a forum for networking and gain allies internationally.

* Documents and advertise your project/organizational activities.

The ARYI network does not take anything away from the work of ARYI members. Rather, we expand their horizons by offering ways to increase their impact towards the national, regional and international levels. Above all, we share experiences and learn from each other in a cooperative and nurturing environment.