Our vision

Water is life and your generosity will save lives. In a globalised world ARWA Inc. is seeking a proper distribution of revenue and help to restore hope, tolerance, social justice, and provision for everyone to have access to health, education, and clean water in Africa.

Our mission

– ARWA Inc’s main objective is to provide direct Relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, suffering or misfortune and for the benefit of communities in Africa.

– ARWA Inc will support genuine development and relief projects in the Great Lakes, Western and Southern region of Africa.

– ARWA Inc plans to maintain adequate and accountable documentation to ensure that allocated funds are used for and reach needy communities. Our partner agencies and organizations will have to show great interest in working together on an equal footing to improve the quality of life in their communities.

– ARWA Inc is setting up a management mechanism that will contribute to the strengthening of partnerships. An administrative process to suit different categories of donation is being developed.

– ARWA Inc envisages having a small and manageable number of partners across the Great Lakes and Southern African regions.