AFRICA RIVER’S NETWORK. Africa Rivers Network (ARN) is a network that brings together African countries advocating for sustainable utilization of African water resources.

ARN Mission:

ARN work’s towards ecological sustainability and social justice in the arena of large dams and their alternatives through, influencing decision making, amplifying community voices and rights, and build capacity.

ARN Vision :

A people centered development in Africa where;

– Decision making on water and energy development, practices alternatives to large dams

– Human rights and community acceptance of decisions are the cornerstone, as well as reparations of outstanding social injustices.

– Ecological sustainability is the legacy for the future generations.

ARN fulfills its mission  by

Promoting the WCD:


The World Commission on Dams(WCD) published its global independent review of large dams in 2000 whichprovides a better framework for decision-making on dams. ARN is committed tocreating  awareness about and disseminating the WCDreport; empowering local communities to use the WCD core values and strategicpriorities; engaging regional government and financial institutions in dialogueon the WCD; and promoting national multi stakeholder structures