The ASEE is a new pan-African network of people and institutions practicing and supporting Ecological Economics activities in Africa. We aim to foster trans-disciplinary discourse and research among the social and natural sciences regarding problems of poverty alleviation, nature and environment interactions, promote initiatives to bridge the gaps between science, policy and the people, produce and disseminate information on policies for sustainability and promote education, graduate research and research funding in ecological economics within Africa and by Africans in Diaspora.

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources (some still in pristine states, some under sustainable management and some rapidly deteriorating), covering a huge area and made up of many peoples, nations and countries with diverse historical, social, economic and cultural experiences, values and norms. Her rich and long history as a cradle of civilizations, conflicts and poverty contextualises the need for sustainable development discourse globally.

There is a strong relationship between the basic interests of sustainability science and a great deal of research and development work going on in Africa. The African Society for Ecological Economics (ASEE), aims to help codify and strengthen the existing body of Africa based ecological economics related research for the benefit of African countries and peoples and to provide a vehicle to support African researchers in sharing insights on, innovations in, challenges of and opportunities arising from ecological economics research with the wider international ecological economics community.