We strive to become a Dependable Alliance Resource Centre on Development in Africa and the World


To contribute to the improvement of life of African Youths through Efficient Management and Networking of Information and Capacity Building with a view to enhancing the Effectiveness of Youth Organizations/Networks and other actors in Development


*To come up with defined means of facilitating mobilization of internal and external resources for all Youth Organization/Network Development in Africa

* To have a United Front on issues of Global importance to the African Youths/Youth Organization/Network

*To develop plans and policy-making procedures that will facilitate partnership and cooperation between Government and the United Nations in Social Development of Africa.

*To join forces in designing and carrying out comprehensive and coordinated programmes that will stimulates the resourcefulness of Youth, preparing them for durable employment or self-employment and providing them with guidance, vocational and management training.

*To strengthen implementation and monitoring mechanisms, including arrangements for the participation of civil society in policy-making and implementation and collaboration with international organizations