AFRO GLOBAL ALLIANCE, founded in 2003, consists of members with common objectives interested in reconciling the Afro Youths worldwide, educating and enforcement of human right, awareness campaign of epidemics and pandemics in our society.

The inspiration to unfold this dream was led by Chief Austin Arinze Obiefuna, founder and President. AGA after series of meetings and deliberation the dream was finally unveiled. I call AGA! The basket of all NGO’s.

Afro Global Alliance was registered in Ghana January 28/01/2003 RC. G. 10,864 – DSW no. 2624 and incorporated in Nigeria in April 14th 2004 Corporate Affairs Commission with registeration number CAC/6/INCT. / 13,884 and has its headquarters in Nigeria. Afro Global Alliance is collaborating with growing number of affiliates around the world. (see affiliates)

AFRO GLOBAL ALLIANCE, bringing the attention of the Government, all agencies in the world, individuals and other social institutions in and around the globe the importance of providing for and supporting our main aims and objectives.


AFRO GLOBAL ALLIANCE, non-profit and non-governmental organization, a forum to reconcile the African Youths all over the world, to sanitize the image of Africans worldwide, to pedal Africa forward and educate the masses of Health pandemic like AIDS, HIV, and TB. AFRO GLOBAL ALLIANCE supports the improvement of NGO-government-individual relations in full active participation of various policies and we also seek to expand the activities/influence of NGOs outside.

AFRO GLOBAL ALLIANCE is committed to supporting the development of a civil African society, where Africans will be equipped with sustainable tools effective for identifying and solving problems facing the enviroment. We try to promote partnerships, partnership projects etc which involves local citizens, NGOs and governmental agencies.

Together with its state, national and international partners, who include Stop TB Partnership (Switzerland), United Nations Volunteering Unit (Germany) etc (see affiliates), and Afro Global Alliance implements programs in and outside the continent. Afro Global Alliance receives the majority of its funding from the private organization for MDG promotion from ACO Dreams West Africa (GH) Ltd, ACO Dreams Investment (Nig) Ltd and other private and government agencies.


Towards the implementation of this mandate, the AGA goals has been highlighted with three core functions, amongst others,

• Policy development
• Diaspora Agenda and the civil society
• Monitoring and evaluation

Policy Development:

To serve as a policy development forum that would enable productive interface among policy of other NGO’s and the elaboration / advancement of common values and goals such as;

• Drug counseling
• HIV Aids/TB awareness campaign
• Improvement of prisoners welfare
• Orphanage acceptance
• Motherless/destitute home care support
• Health awareness rally and lectures
• Marriage counseling
• Religious alliance
• Child abuse
• Urban-Rural linkage

Diaspora Agenda and the civil society:

The nature and outcome of the development and prosecution of the Diaspora agenda was imperative due to the global acceptance and definition of the term. Africa has been baptized with dark presentation in all fields so we need a mandatory face-lift.

We advocate development in Africa and promote the repatriation of scientific knowledge from Diaspora to Africa and establishment of cooperation between those abroad and at home. We promote networking and collaboration between experts in their representative countries of origin and in the Diaspora.

Afro Global Alliance (AGA) is already engaged in plans to organize workshops as part of its program. Promoting Tourism in the Diaspora to the grass root level, participating in cultural exchange and global interactions.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

A major shortcoming of Africa’s undertaking has been the lack of an autonomous evaluation mechanism. This has instigated the lengthening of the period of implementation of major programmes.

NGO’s represent one of the major pillars of “good governance”, along with the other actors of civil society, government and the market. Where does the research on the subject stand today? What are the most recent hypotheses and results that have been produced concerning NGO’s in general and Africa in particular? What are the issues addressed by this forum and which questions need to be answered.

The AFRO GLOBAL ALLIANCE through research has observed the need for positive development in our societies. NGOs, experts, local and regional networks on the development scene have by no means resolved the fundamental issue of short-term palliative activities and oversights.

The lack transparency and diversity of stakeholders in the NGO process compromising the legitimacy of NGO standard-setting activities has mandated there must be defined checks and strategy for evaluation.