AFS Egypt, known as the Egyptian Society for Intercultural Exchange, is a voluntary, non-profit organization. Through our exchange programs for high school students we offer the opportunity be exposed to a wide variety of cultures.

The AFS office in Egypt offers the following activities to hosted students:

– Four orientations throughout the AFS year.

– Egyptology lectures followed by field trips.

– Arabic language lessons.

– A trip to upper Egypt (Luxor and Aswan) to witness the splendor of both the historical and modern cultures of Egypt.

– Various other trips to different locations in Egypt.

– Students are not on their own but are in continuous contact with AFS staff members and volunteers (counselors and AFS friends).

– The Semester Program (SP)

AFS organizations worldwide are constantly adding to their core programs by offering activities for different age groups, introducing new country combinations and establishing variable components such as domestic programs, vocational-based short programs for individuals over the age of 18, teacher/educator exchanges and School Link projects among primary and secondary schools.