APE (Against Port Expansion in Delta) is a group of concerned citizenswho recognize that expansion plans for Deltaport’s container terminalwill see the degradation of the quality of life for thousands of LowerMainland residents; the industrialization of prime agricultural land;and the loss of globally-significant habitat for salmon, migratingbirds and orca whales.

We are a broad-based community group consisting ofpeople from various backgrounds including homemakers, business owners,members of the work force, scientists, and environmental groups. Weshare the view that serious concerns about port expansions atDeltaport’s container terminal have been dissembled or ignored in orderto fast-track unjustified expansions.

Now Port Metro Vancouver is embarking on a massive expansion at Roberts Bank with plans to add a second container terminal in an area adjacent to the newly designated  Ramsar wetlands area. There is a danger that this expansion will break a vital link in the Pacific Flyway and destroy an critical feeding area for millions of shorebirds