Location: Alabama, United States
Issue Areas: Agricultural Policy, Biotechnology, Philanthropy


– The AgBioWorld Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are principally a volunteer-driven organization that receives the vast majority of our small operating budget from individual contributions. Our volunteers and financial supporters are principally comprised of academics, independent scientists, and non-profit researchers. To date, we have received no corporate funding for our initiatives and we have committed to keeping the majority of our funding sources to individual contributors.

– As an organization that has emerged from academic roots and values, we have chosen to go well beyond IRS charitable fundraising limitations by restricting our sources of income so as to not create any perceptions of bias or conflicts of interest. For that reason, the AgBioWorld Foundation does not accept contributions from corporations that have direct commercial interests involving agricultural biotechnology. Additionally, we do not accept program- or research-specific contributions from agricultural or biotechnology related trade associations or their philanthropic arms; contributions from such sources are limited to support for general operating and administrative purposes only. At all times, the AgBioWorld Foundation will rigorously adhere to both the requirements and principles behind fundraising and disclosure for charitable organizations..