The Agency for environment and Wetlands (AEW), is an indigenous NGO in Uganda. It was founded in 1995 to address environmental issues through, wetlands and integrated water resource management, promotion of organic farming, environment education, bio-diversity conservation, Research and publication.

Our Mission

To enhance sustainable development by carrying out research, publication, Information dissemination, information sharing and net working in order to achieve sustained economic development.

Social Mission

A Ugandan society where environmental resources are used sustainably for the benefit of all.

Organization Vision

A well resourced and effective A.E.W which influences and guides Uganda on sustainable use of environmental resources.


· To promote water resource management, Bio-diversity conservation, and energy conservation

· To promote organic farming and fish farming

· To carry out research, publication and dissemination of information on environmental issues.

· To promote wetlands management

· To enhance community participation in environmental activities

· To provide consultancy work in environmentally related issues.

· To promote Networking with other organization.