Agenda: Empowering women for gender equity

About Agenda

The Agenda Feminist Media Project was founded in 1987. It was the initiative of a small group of women activists and academics working in and around Durban.

Agenda Overview and history

At the forefront of feminist publishing in South Africa for almost 20 years, Agenda journal raises debate, questions, challenges and critiques understandings of gender. Agenda prides itself on being at the cutting edge of feminist debate and gender analysis, and the journal provides readers and researchers with a fresh, challenging, stimulating and thought-provoking read.

Produced four times a year, the IBSS/SAPSE accredited journal publishes work around women and gender and provides an important space for the publication of new research as well as a platform for first-time writers.

Founded in 1987, the journal began as an initiative of a small group of women activists and academics working in and around Durban. They wanted to add women`s voices to the crucial debates which were to shape South Africa`s transition to democracy by facilitating a dialogue between feminist academic research and the debates within women`s organisations which were not being widely heard.

The journal is still recognised as both part of the long-term political struggle and one in which women identify strategies to obtain short-term improvements to unequal power relations.

There are many writers in NGOs, CBOs, organisations and in tertiary institutions who have never had work published. Agenda is one of the few journals, which is able to offer women an opportunity to publish in a forum which is also read by many other women. Agenda attempts to nurture the spirit of enquiry and debate to advance gender equality and debate and to bridge the gap between women in tertiary institutions and those working in organisations, NGOs, CBOs and women`s structures. We believe it is important that academic research and the debates within the women`s movement and organisations are aired.

Agenda`s target audience is professionals, educators, community workers, students and members of women`s organisations and organisations concerned with gender issues. It is non-sectarian, anti-racism and guards against all forms of discrimination.