ADATS and the Coolie Sangha share a vision of a community of unified poor, across parochial caste lines and the gender divide; with increased survival capacity in a rapidly changing political economy; with food security ensured by sustainable resource-use practices and economic development; where individuality and person status are established and protected by the community; where Coolie children, especially the girl child, have a childhood, education and a secure future of their choice; where organised Coolies have a political presence and are a power to contend with, without becoming a passive vote bank.


ADATS and the Coolie Sangha are committed to the unification and organisation of the poor in their struggle for freedom from social oppression and the realisation of a human identity, dignity and citizen status.

Development Goal

To ensure that Member Coolie families gain freedom from social oppression and realise a human identity, dignity and citizen status.


To unify the poor and build the structures and discipline of the Coolie Sangha at the Village, Cluster and Taluk levels

ADATS is a comprehensive rural development organisation working in the fields of Community Organisation, Adult Literacy, ChildrenÂ’s Education, Community & Referral Health, support to issues and struggles with Legal Aid & Aid Distress, Dry Land Development, Agriculture, alternate Credit, WomenÂ’s Programmes, etc. We also work on issues of gender justice, secularism and democratisation.