Our Mission:

– To strive for the upliftment and development of rural women, in particular, by mobilizing their talents in their chosen self employment projects, in finance, industry and technology and to promote solidarity between women in all sectors of the economy.

– To develop entrepreneurship in the rural areas, especially among women by imparting information and providing training in relevant areas with the co-operation of resource persons located in the areas and to develop Agromart trained entrepreneurs as role models of rural small scale entrepreneurs.

– To devise and set up systems to facilitate access to credit for agriculture and industry and to promote rural savings and self-help groups for non-bank funding through Agromart Production Societies.

– To promote environmental awareness among entrepreneurs to promote the use of locally available resources and farm products for rural industry. To identify and transfer appropriate technologies applicable to the rural infrastructure.

– To organize collection of data and research relevant to the development of agriculture and rural enterprise.