The `Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi is a non-profit organization created by native Hawaiians who recognize that Hawai`i`s unique native plants, animals, and ecosystems represent a vital cultural resource in danger of extinction. We believe that Hawaii`s native ecosystems provide the cultural heart of its people, the basis for traditional material culture, and constitutes what makes the Hawaiian link to the land unique in the world.

We are Hawaiians who are devoted to preserving native Hawaiian ecosystems — In Hawaiian species and ecosystems lie great cultural value. They represent a rich natural resource that form the basis for Hawaiian culture. They are our legacy, and they are also in jeopardy. About 90% of Hawaii`s native plants and animals occur nowhere else in the world, and it is thought that nearly 1000 different kinds of Hawaiian plants and animals are threatened by extinction.

We are a Hawaiian voice speaking in favor of conservation — Too many people believe incorrectly that the conservation movement is in conflict with native Hawaiian culture. While it is true that biological conservation activities performed without regard to Hawaiian values can create conflict, there are ways to reconcile the preservation of Hawaii`s biological diversity with the needs of Hawaiian people and values. Indeed, the `Ahahui espouses the view that our Hawaiian culture will be greatly diminished unless we work together to preserve and conserve native Hawaiian ecosystems and species. As Hawaiians, some of us with significant training or experience with native species and ecosystems as well as Hawaiian culture, we have the duty and unique ability to do so.

There are three main areas of concern for the `Ahahui:

1. Malama [Environmentally responsible behavior and stewardship]

2. Ea [Hawaiian cultural values, rights, and practices]

3. `Ike kaiaola [Ecological knowledge and concepts]