AIDIS-CANADA is the Canadian Section of AIDIS, the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, a non-profit professional and scientific association founded in 1948. It is the only international organisation covering all aspects of the environment, and is officially recognised by both the Pan American Health Organisation and the Organisation of American States. Membership is open to all who are interested in better environment in the Americas, and for all who believe that only through a safe water supply, proper waste disposal, good personal hygiene and clean surroundings can sound public health programs be built.

The mission of AIDIS-Canada is to further the goals of AIDIS Interamericana through programs and services that promote sound environmental practices, policies, management, and education to improve the quality of life throughout the Americas. In carrying out this mission, AIDIS-Canada will:

– facilitate communication and establish links among organizations and individuals

– promote the technical and professional development of AIDIS members

support the reciprocal exchange of appropriate technologies and practices, and

– uphold the highest standards of professionalism ORGANIZATION