The Alabama Forestry Association works to promote good stewardship of our renewable forest resources for the benefit of society, our members and the forest products industry. Our vision is to represent all facets of the forest products industry in Alabama and serve as the voice of forestry in Alabama by representing our membership in state and national affairs.

Our association helps protect the forestry industry through the education of the general public about forestry concerns, by keeping foresters up to date on the newest discoveries in forestry management and by promoting forestry-friendly laws in the legislature.

The Alabama Forest Products Association (AFPA) was formed on May 6, 1949 by a small group of mostly sawmillers. They saw the need to join together to defend their livelihood from impending government regulation and increased competition from other states and countries. The original concerns of early AFPA members, issues such as overweight trucks, onerous taxation, government regulation, and competition from other types of building materials, are still major concerns of the forest industry today.