The Alabama Land Trust is a state-wide organization working with landowners to help protect their land.

The Alabama Land Trust was formed in 1994 by citizens concerned about rapid, sprawling development and the dramatic loss of farm and forest land in the area. The Alabama Land Trust focuses on assisting landowners with conservation options for their land, primarily with conservation easements.

The mission of the Alabama Land Trust is to protect land for present and future generations.

The Alabama Land Trust`s primary mission is protecting land. ALT seeks to protect land from certain types, densities, and locations of residential, commercial, or industrial development. ALT serves landowners to meet the long term management and protection objectives for their land. ALT also serves communities to set aside or protect certain areas for development, protecting productive farm and forest land, ecologically significant areas, water sources, as well as the general viewsheds that identify the communities. The primary tool that ALT uses is the conservation easement.