The Electric Auto Association (EAA) was formed in 1967 by Walter Laski in San Jose, California. The EAA is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a clean, quiet alternative to conventional automobiles, which are powered by petroleum derivatives that, when burned, emit noxious gases into the environment.

Electric Vehicles not only keep our Earth cleaner, their use preserves the earth’s natural resources. EVs are a smart and efficient choice for personal transportation.

The EAA’s mission is to act as a public source of information about developments in electric vehicle technology, to encourage experimentation in the building of electric vehicles, and to organize public exhibits and events of electric vehicles to educate the public on the progress and benefits of electric vehicle technology.

The Alamo City Electric Auto Association is a chapter of the non-profit Electric Auto Association. We are a group of hobbyists/ enthusiasts who enjoy building, driving, and/or promoting Battery-Electric Vehicles (EV) as a viable form of transportation. Although we mainly focus on 100% Battery-Electric Vehicles, we certainly don’t ignore Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Vehicles.

Amongst our membership, some of us own Electric Vehicles which we currently drive daily. Some of us are currently working on an Electric Vehicle conversion or other EV project. Others of us are prospective EV owners and/or are simply interested in helping to promote the technology.

As a group, we have several main goals. First, we try to raise public awareness about EVs and EV technology. We do this by holding monthly meetings as well as showing our EVs at local events.

A second goal of ours is to help out anyone who wants to convert/build an EV do so by providing support and advice. We do this through our meetings and other group activities.

Lastly, we hope to show people through example that EVs are a viable form of clean transportation that is practical TODAY. We do this by driving our EVs every chance we get!