Alaska Center for the Environment is Alaska`s largest home-grown citizen`s group working for the sensible stewardship of Alaska`s natural environment. With 7,000 dues-paying members from around the state, Alaska Center for the Environment is your voice for public lands conservation, clean air, clean water, and livable places.

Our Mission

To protect Alaska`s natural ecosystems and quality of life through grassroots activism and education.

Our Vision

To articulate an environmental ethic and vision for protecting Alaska`s environment – one which will garner support from a wide spectrum of Alaskans. To have an educated public about the effect of human activities on natural systems, and to influence people to change their lifestyles to reduce impacts upon the environment.

Our Organization

Founded in 1971, the Alaska Center for the Environment [ACE] is a non-profit, tax-exempt, public interest organization which depends on its active board, members, interns and volunteers. ACE influences decisions through grassroots activism and education. ACE also serves as a community center and clearinghouse for individuals and groups needing support to promote new ideas and strategies to protect our environment.

Who We Serve

ACE`s region of primary concern is one of the nation`s most scenic and beloved areas – Southcentral Alaska. Reaching from the Alaska Range in the north to the coastal rainforests of Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta in the south, from the fisheries of Bristol Bay in the west to the Wrangell Mountains in the east, this area includes some of Alaska`s most treasured and highly visited wildlands in addition to being home to the majority of Alaskan Residents. ACE is also the leading conservation group on selected statewide and national issues focusing on Alaska`s environment.