Aims of Albaeco

Albaeco’s aim is to spread a worldview that acknowledges man’s dependence of the living ecosystems and where society is seen as a subsystem of the global ecosystem.

Albaeco spreads interdisciplinary environmental work from front-line international research on the interplay between ecology, economy, technology and society. Albaeco spreads information on how human societies are dependent on functioning ecosystems, from a local, regional and global perspective. Albaeco also focus on information about how institutions in society influence the use and enjoyment of natural resources.

The information is available for practical use by policy-makers, businesses, schools as well as the general public.

Albaeco – sources of information

Albaeco supplies environmental news, from both national and international research bodies, in an easy to grasp format through continuous updating of this website. Albaeco informs via press releases about upcoming seminars of interest, new research and other newsworthy items. Albaeco offers courses to politicians, businesses, schools and the public. Albaeco publish a newsletter, Sustainable Development Update.

Albaeco organisation

Albaeco is an independent non-profit making organisation founded by researchers in Natural Resource Management at Stockholm University together with representatives from advertising, media and business economics. Albaeco works in collaboration with the Centre for Transdisciplinary Environmental Research [CTM], based at Stockholm University and have thereby access to an extensive network of international researchers from both the natural and social sciences.


Sustainable Development Update – newsletter sponsored by the Swedish International Development Agency [SIDA], 6 issues annually.

Summaries of 5 scientific articles for a parliamentary commission named Globkom, appointed with the task of investigating how Swedish policy for global economic, social and ecologically sustainable development should be further developed. June 2001.

Printed material

Summary of the scientific report Resilience and Sustainable Development written for the WSSD in Johannesburg. Produced in collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Advisory Council. June 2002.

Report from a workshop in Urban Ecology, published by the Swedish Research Council, published 2002. [Swedish]

Brochure on the role of ecosystems based on World Resources Institutes Fraying Web of Life”. [Swedish].


The Stockholm Seminars – Seminars at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Seminar for high school teachers in collaboration with Uppsala Water Centre