The Albanian Centre for Trauma and Torture Victims is a non-profitable organisation that is working as a part of the civil society, out from any political influence.

The activity of ARCT covers the entire Albanian territory and deals with questions related with the rehabilitation of the torture victims and torture prevention in all its forms, as well as the full respect of human rights and other matters of research in these fields.

The mission of ARCT is:

– To identify and to fight against all forms of torture

– To rehabilitate the torture victims that suffered during to communist dictatorship (ex-politically persecuted, forcibly displaced persons and their relatives)

– To rehabilitate the victims of the torture perpetrated during the transition years (victims of the organized crime, human trafficking and their relatives)

– To raise awareness of the Albanian public opinion regarding the human rights in the field of mental health.

The objectives of ARCT are:

– To offer specialized medical and psychological treatment as well as legal assistance to the torture victims and their relatives.

– To prevent the possibility of coming out of disguised torture forms through organizing sensibilisation campaigns, round tables, reflection groups, trainings etc.

– To realize on the basis of documents, research studies regarding the defining of characteristics present in the Albanian cultural background, especially related to the conceptualisation of different torture forms.