The Alberta Centre for Boreal Studies was initiated by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society [Edmonton Chapter] for the purpose of providing reliable up-to-date information to the public about the ecology and management of boreal forests in western Canada. The information in this site may be freely copied and distributed, though we ask that acknowledgment be given to the Centre.

The Need

Scientific organizations, among others, are generating much new information on boreal forests and their management. However, the task that is currently not being fulfilled is to assemble this information into a form that is accessible to the public. The issues are complex and the relevant reports are generally widely scattered and often technical in nature. Furthermore, the current reliance on industry-funded research raises concerns about the potential for bias, particularly with regard to the research topics that are selected and the results that are publicized.

Our Goal and Objectives

The goal of the Centre is to promote the involvement and effectiveness of the public in decision-making on boreal issues, enabling them to promote the conservation of biodiversity more effectively. To achieve this goal we are focusing our efforts on two main objectives:

1. To build awareness: Communicate to the public the current state of the forest, current rate of development, and anticipated state of the forest of the future [given current management practices].

2. To promote understanding. Synthesize and summarize, in a highly accessible format, current scientific knowledge on forest ecology, conservation, and management.