Our Mission

ACA will work to conserve, protect and enhance our natural biological resources.

Our Vision

An Alberta where there is good stewardship of our natural biological resources, where habitats are maintained and improved, where people work together so that future generations can value, enjoy and use those resources.

Who We Are

Formed in 1997, the Alberta Conservation Association [ACA] is a non profit, non government association that works collaboratively to conserve, protect and enhance our natural biological resources. Evolving originally from the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund, ACA is now governed by a Board of Directors represented by conservation groups, industry, science, and the public at large. With the Board’s direction, ACA’s Managing Director oversees approximately 70 highly trained staff working across the province. ACA is a Delegated Administrative Organization under Alberta’s Wildlife Act. Our business is conservation; our product is information. ACA is non partisan and non regulatory. The Government of Alberta is responsible for managing the province’s natural resources. ACA has no role in regulating or enforcing resource use.

What We Do

Annually, ACA focuses several million dollars towards conservation efforts, delivering a wide variety of projects, programs and services across the province.

Research and data collection

Hands on project delivery

Monitoring, analysis and evaluation

Program funding

Facilitation, collaboration of stakeholders

Industry information and public education

ACA receives funding from a variety of Alberta conservationists including significant contributions from hunters and anglers and a growing group of corporate partners. Every time hunting or fishing licences are purchased, ACA receives a portion of the funds to allocate to important conservation projects.

Our two major business areas consist of `on the ground` project delivery, and administering our Grant Eligible Conservation Fund. Our `on the ground` projects are grouped into three main business areas, Fisheries, Habitat and Wildlife. ACA is responsible in managing costs while maintaining scientific credibility and excellence as cornerstones in the services we deliver.