ARCOS Mission

The mission of ARCOS is to enhance biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources of the Albertine Rift region through the promotion of collaborative conservation action, awareness raising and biodiversity information exchange in region.


The objectives of ARCOS are:

To enhance the knowledge on biodiversity and natural resources of the Albertine Rift region;

To promote training, capacity building, regional collaboration and exchange for better conservation action;

To work for the conservation and protection of key biodiversity features of the region for the regional ecosystem integrity and future generations;

To promote awareness raising and conservation action for better sustainable use of fragile natural resources in the region.


ARCOS objectives are achieved through the following activities:

Monitoring, compilation and analysis of biodiversity information of the region

Development of a regional biodiversity information centre

Building of regional skills through training, advice and experience exchange

Producing educational materials and lobbying documents

Producing and disseminating a regional newsletter

Supporting conservation actions targeting key biodiversity features of the region

Encouraging and stimulating community-based initiatives which consider the sustainable use of natural resources

Liaising and collaborating with other institutions, organisations and community groups involved in the region to ensure better co-ordination on regional issues, joint efforts and avoid duplication

Building solid regional network for expertise and exchange on biodiversity conservation in the region

Communicating regional biodiversity issues of the Albertine Rift to external audience.