For over sixty years Salvatori has supported architects, designers and builders with its innovative research that has made it internationally famous in the market for the production of marble and stone. Its distinguishing quality lies
in transforming ancient material such as marble and natural stone into contemporary solutions.

The company was founded in the late 1940s in an area of Tuscany – between Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi – which is famous both for its quarries and for originating the traditional techniques of working the stone, as well as for being the region where these techniques have been refined and renewed.
Salvatori launched and established a totally original technique of working and, indeed, in the 1950s the company scored a world first when it invented the so-called “Spaccatello” or “Split-face”. The company is always at the cutting edge in the sector and has been the forerunner of many innovations regarding both materials and finishes.
Gabriele Salvatori, the art director, represents the third generation of this important company and he has garnered the company heirloom with its traditionally strong links to the region, links that have been built up over time and which are now world-renowned.