All Wildlife Rescue and Education, Inc is a non-profit organization with a two-fold mission:

– Rescue, Treat and Rehabilitate, and release releasable animals back to their environments.

– Provide education to communities — focused primarily on children — about the wildlife around us, how man and animals interact, and how our actions affect the wildlife in our area.

The first objective is accomplished through a continuing effort by the organization’s officers. As individuals, AWRE’s officers have been involved in numerous rescues and treatments; from marine birds injured in oil spills to raptors injured in various accidents. The idea for AWRE took shape as the organization’s founders realized the increasing demand and unmet need for animal rescue and rehabilitation within the Southland community. Last year alone, two of our current board members were involved in treating and rehabilitating greater than 780 animals.

The second objective of AWRE is to educate the communities we are involved in; from community organizations to civic groups but concentrating on elementary and secondary students. We recognize that if people and communities are made more aware of their environment and the wildlife that lives there, they will be more sensitive to the impact their actions carry. Particularly important in our educational strategy are our non-threatening live animal presentations to elementary and secondary school students.