Mission Statement

The Alliance seeks to protect children from lead and other environmental health hazards in and around their homes by advocating for policy solutions and building capacity for primary prevention in communities throughout the US.

About Us

The Alliance for Healthy Homes was founded in 1990 as the Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning. Our name change in July of 2003 reflects the expansion of our work on lead poisoning prevention to address other housing-related health hazards.

The Alliance’s Board of Directors voted in June 2001 to embed our core work on lead poisoning in a broader healthy homes and communities agenda and to provide more proactive support to community-based and local advocacy organizations.

Who We Are

The Alliance for Healthy Homes is a national, nonprofit, public interest organization working to prevent and eliminate hazards in our homes that can harm the health of children, families, and other residents. These hazards include lead, mold, carbon monoxide, radon, pests, and pesticides. The Alliance advocates for policy solutions and builds community capacity to achieve:

* primary prevention by publicizing the importance of fixing housing-related health hazards before they cause poor health and impaired educational outcomes for children;
* practical solutions by identifying accessible, affordable tools that can make and keep every home healthy;
* environmental justice by insisting that housing and communities be decent, environmentally safe, and affordable for all;
* holistic approaches by highlighting comprehensive whole house” strategies that address multiple hazards and their underlying causes; and
* asset preservation by helping community-based organizations