The goals of the Allmende project is to research if a small group of
people can sustain themselves in regard of food supply by using nearly
only ressources found in a given area. So what it means for our work
on site is that we for example don’t use any engine driven devices,
but instead simple tools like scythes and hoes.

Because forest gardening is said to be labor-extensive once the forest
garden is established it is our primary interest and most of the 7 ha
(about 17 acre) plot we are using is devoted to it. But we are also
cultivating sun-loving annuals in a small area with no-digging mulched

We are documenting our work in detail and try to make it a model for
other groups of people who want to satisfy their food needs through
gardening under similar site conditions. Our site conditions include
USDA hardiness zone 7b, 650 mm annual rainfall, 1376 hours of sunshine
annually, 8,5 °C average temperature, dry and sandy soil and strong
winds from the west.

Our work is political driven. We want to explore how food supply can
be archieved without a industrial society around.