Alterna is a Guatemalan non-profit innovation and entrepreneurship center that combines technology development and business incubation to promote a new paradigm of development in Central America centered on social, economic, and environmental sustainability.


Alterna’s mission is to design innovative market-ready solutions that improve access to energy, water, sanitation, housing and agricultural productivity, and to develop these solutions into sustainable commercial ventures with products and services that meet the needs of local communities and individuals.


Alterna’s model bridges critical gaps that exist in the design of innovative technologies to address these challenges and the ability of aspiring local entrepreneurs to develop viable commercial outlets for these technologies in resource-constrained markets.  Working in close collaboration with technical experts, entrepreneurs and end users, our comprehensive Idea Incubation process integrates market research, technology R&D, and business development to ensure that our technology solutions are contextually appropriate and have a path to market sustainability from the very beginning. 

A portion of the profits from Alterna’s incubated businesses is reinvested into the organization to seed new ideas, research, and ventures.