To engage in poverty alleviation programmes

To develop and engage the urban and rural poor communities

Mission Statement

To eradicate poverty among the rural, peri-urban slums and the marginilised. ABA intends to achieve this by engaging the poorest of the poor into programmes which empower them at both individual and community level.

ABA believes in inclusive decision making; a common destiny; economic participation by the marginilised with access to equitable allocation of resources; justice and civil liberties.

Core Operational & Focus Areas


Goal: Food security; appropriate and culturally acceptable use of natural resources; constructive inclusion of women and youth to sustainably improve crops [especially indigenous varieties] and livestock production.

Main Objective: Householder survival strategy by engaging in economic [off-farm] and farm activities as an innovative way of fighting hunger; malnutrition; unemployment and other related economic and social vices.

Micro-Enterprises Development Initiative

Goal: to inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship by utilizing every opportunity so as to be individuals; communities of traders and producers; to operate enterprises professionally.

Main Objective: Development of permanent and sustainable employment enterprises as opposed to `stopgaps` to curb unemployment and urban migration in search of employment. Enhancement of the micro-enterprises into small to medium business units. And to advocate for their recognition, acceptance and will by the private corporate bodies and state Authority to do business and formulate conducive policies respectively.

Micro Export & Import Initiative [cross border trading]

Goal: Recognition, acceptance, political will power and creation of an enabling power environment in the region.

Main Objective: To encourage the export drive by individual micro-traders and producers of our locally made products and Heritage commodities.

Micro-Mining Initiative

Goal: Accessibility of appropriate technology to extract, process and value adding.

Main Objective: Sustainable usage of the mineral resources and the environment whilst alleviating poverty and creating wealth.

Community Development Initiative

Goal: Development of community infrastructure collectively and social safety-nets through participatory approach in the spirit of African tradition of ubuntu” fused with the modern development culture; by involving the traditional leadership in the rural areas and local authorities in semi-urban and urban zones.

Main Objective: To educate the communities in individuals` well-being; protecting and maintaining the public infra-structure i.e. road networks